Price Statement on Filing for Re-Election


Congressman David Price, who represents North Carolina’s Fourth District, filed for re-election to Congress today and issued the following statement:

“Thirty years ago, I embarked on my first campaign for the United States Congress, determined to be a voice of reason, inclusion, and progress who would serve the values and interests of North Carolina’s Fourth District.

“Today, I am filing for re-election because this work remains unfinished.

“During my time in office, we have made great strides toward forming a more perfect union. Thanks to the progressive accomplishments of recent decades, today no American can be fired for missing work to care for a newborn child.  No American can have her health insurance taken away because of her medical history.  And no American can be denied the right to marry or to serve his country because of whom he loves.

“I am filing for re-election to fight for more accomplishments like these, from expanding Medicaid in North Carolina to extending paid family leave to every American worker.

“Yet much of the progress we have made remains tenuous.  Economic inequality has skyrocketed, eroding the promise of a brighter future for too many families.  Communities across the country are facing an epidemic of gun violence and persistent challenges to social and racial justice.  In Washington and in Raleigh, progressive landmarks that once seemed assured--from voting rights to public education--are under threat from a new breed of Republican extremism.

“I am filing for re-election to defend what we have already achieved against the extremists, so that the nation we leave for future generations will be greater than the one we inherited.

“Even in recent months, we have witnessed the potential for politics to be an instrument of our common purpose but also the potential for politicians to betray our common values.  In October, bipartisan majorities of the House came together to enact a two-year budget agreement and pass a long-term transportation bill, giving us hope that the clouds of dysfunction might finally be lifting.

“In the wake of the tragic terrorist attacks in Paris, however, the worst kind of partisan excess has been back on full display.  The frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination is perpetrating dangerous and irresponsible mistruths and exploiting ignorance and fear for political gain, while Republicans in Congress are threatening to shut down the government if we don’t close our borders to refugees fleeing a deadly civil war.

“I am filing for re-election because the American people deserve better.  Our nation’s leaders must earn the public’s trust once again and return to the many pressing challenges facing our society.

“As North Carolina’s senior member of Congress and its only member of the Appropriations Committee, I am well prepared to respond to this calling.  I am proud of my track record as a legislator, from making student loan interest tax-deductible to protecting President Obama’s nuclear diplomacy with Iran.  Yet I am motivated every day by the work that remains unfinished, from expanding our investments in transportation and housing to advancing my proposals to support teacher retention and rein in Super PACs.

“Ultimately, I am filing for re-election because of you, the people of the Fourth District.  For the last three decades, you have trusted me to represent you on matters of local interest and on matters of great national importance, and I have endeavored to do so faithfully and effectively.  Should you give me the opportunity, I promise to continue working every day on your behalf.  For there is much work left to be done."

Rep. Price is seeking his 15th term in Congress. He is the ranking Democrat on the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations Subcommittee, and Ranking Member and former Chairman of the House Democracy Partnership.  A Morehead Scholar, Price graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill and then earned a bachelor’s degree in divinity and a Ph.D. in political science from Yale. He was a Senate aide, a political science and public policy professor at Yale and Duke, and Chairman of the North Carolina Democratic Party before entering Congress in 1986.