Rep. Price Files for 2014 Re-Election


Rep. David Price (NC-04) filed for re-election on Monday, Feb. 10 and issued the following statement:

In 1964, I watched from the gallery as the Senate passed the Civil Rights Act. It was a great progressive achievement, and it galvanized my belief that acting together, people of conscience can make politics an instrument of their common purpose to right wrongs and deliver justice. I file for re-election because I know that belief is true, and because I know our work is not done.

Acting together, people of conscience helped President Obama enact the Affordable Care Act, which has helped hundreds of thousands of North Carolinas access affordable health care. Many of our people have health insurance for the first time. Acting together, people of conscience persuaded Congress to roll back mindless, across-the-board sequestration cuts that denied men and women in uniform tuition assistance and cut programs that helped feed hungry infants and children. Acting together, people of conscience convinced Congressional Republicans to abandon a strategy that called for shutting down the government and denying taxpayers services they were owed to achieve narrow political objectives. I was proud to play a role in each of these successes.

As we move forward, we need to again make our politics an instrument of our common purpose to raise the minimum wage, address economic inequality and expand access to education.

We need to make our politics an instrument of our common purpose to renew unemployment benefits taken away because our state’s Republican leaders stand in the way.

We need to work together to extend the full benefits of the Affordable Care Act to our state’s people by securing the expansion of Medicaid.

We need to work together to pass immigration reform that grows the economy and brings families out of the shadows.

We need to work together to ensure the men and women of our armed services have the resources and benefits they’ve earned while serving and when they re-enter civilian life.

And, we especially need to stand strong against politicians across the country, including ones here in North Carolina, who want to erect higher and higher barriers to the right to vote and ensure our elected offices are filled by those with the biggest pocketbooks not those with the best ideas.

These causes have been central to my time in Congress. They are the means by which our people realize the American dream and participate in our democracy as engaged citizens. They will be front and center if I am re-elected to serve the people of the Fourth District. I plan to spend this campaign season traveling the across the district, asking friends new and old to for their help because I believe these ideas are the best way to ensure our economy, our people and our democracy reach a bright and prosperous future.