Price Statement on the March Democratic Primary


Yesterday's primary election reminded me why I am so proud to be a Democrat. In North Carolina, our Democratic candidates ran hard-fought but respectful campaigns focused on how to build a stronger, more inclusive state and country. I am delighted to have such an impressive slate of candidates representing our party on the ballot in November. I am equally appreciative of all who presented themselves for office, for the issues they raised and the enthusiasm they generated. Our party is stronger and more credible as a result of their efforts.

The same cannot be said of the other side. Donald Trump's blustery march through the primary season and the victories of right-wing candidates up and down the Republican ticket have conclusively revealed the truth: the so-called "Grand Old Party" has been hijacked by the forces of hatred and extremism.

That's why I am especially determined to mount a vigorous campaign for reelection to Congress in North Carolina's Fourth District -- regardless of what shape the district takes. We cannot allow the hateful rhetoric of the Republican extremists to go unanswered. We must fight instead for a country that fulfills its promise, the promise of a better future for all Americans. We must fight to protect the vulnerable among us, to promote social justice, and to address North Carolinians’ very real concerns about income inequality and the erosion of the middle class.

I am in this fight to win it.

As we look ahead to November, the stakes couldn't be higher, for our Fourth District communities, for the Tar Heel state, and for the country we leave to our children and grandchildren. I look forward to joining you in this fight.