Price Statement on Gun Violence Sit-In


Last night, I was honored to participate in an historic sit-in on the Floor of the House of Representatives to demand a vote on gun reforms that could help save lives. The protest, which was led by my good friend and civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis of Georgia, drew attention to the fact that Republican leadership refuses to consider even the most common-sense and widely-supported gun violence solutions, like barring suspected terrorists from buying guns or requiring universal background checks for firearms purchases.

I refuse to believe that nothing can be done to put a stop to the horrific mass shootings that took the lives of innocent members of the LGBT community in Orlando, African American parishioners in Charleston, and school children in Sandy Hook -- to say nothing of the thousands of Americans who die each year in smaller-scale shootings. That’s why I have been fighting as Vice Chair of the Gun Violence Task Force to take comprehensive action that will make our communities and schools safer.

Throughout last night, participants in the sit-in were heartened by the thousands of tweets, emails, and Facebook comments from constituents supporting our efforts. These messages reminded us of why we are fighting this fight: Republican leadership and the NRA are out of touch with the majority of Americans, and we cannot allow them to continue to stand in the way of policies that will help prevent the next horrific tragedy.