Price Election Night Remarks


Thank you!

It is an honor to stand on this stage and to recommit myself to serving another term representing the Fourth Congressional District in Washington!

It is also an honor to have been on the ballot for this historic election, with Democratic candidates up and down the ticket fighting hard to move our state and country forward toward a brighter future.

I and other Democratic candidates have been given a huge lift by your grassroots campaigning.  Thanks for working so hard for weeks—on the phones, in the neighborhoods, at the early-vote sites and at the polls today.

Many of the other races are still too close to call. But regardless of the outcome, we can be proud of the campaign that we ran to elect Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine, Roy Cooper and Linda Coleman, Deborah Ross, and our terrific slate of Democratic Council of State, General Assembly, and local candidates.

This election was about fighting against discrimination and exclusion and ensuring that our country delivers on its democratic promise. We must renew our commitment to building a more prosperous, inclusive future by expanding opportunity for all our people and investing in the building blocks of the future, like education, housing, a diverse transportation infrastructure, and pathbreaking research.

Some have suggested that our politics are too vicious or too divided to make real progress on these sorts of issues. We cannot give into this: we must cooperate when we can and fight where we must. I promise to fight hard – to reclaim North Carolina’s place as a progressive and inclusive state and to cooperate in good faith with any who share that vision.

Thank you for your vote of confidence! I am truly honored to continue to represent you.