Price, Butterfield, Adams Statement on McCrory Voting Challenges

RALEIGH – Reps. David E. Price, G. K. Butterfield, and Alma Adams, the members of North Carolina’s Democratic congressional delegation, released the following joint statement responding to Governor McCrory’s efforts to challenge the outcome of the 2016 gubernatorial election.

“Governor McCrory's attempts to cast doubt on the integrity of the election in the wake of his evident defeat are extremely troubling. First, he baselessly accused the Republican-controlled Durham County Board of Elections of 'malfeasance.' Now, he is protesting ballots in counties across the state in an apparently baseless fishing expedition. This is the same Governor who signed the worst voter suppression law in the country, a law that 'target[ed] African-Americans with almost surgical precision' in the words of a federal court. His desperate attempts to undermine the democratic process and disenfranchise voters are a disservice to the people of North Carolina and should not be tolerated.”