Serving the Fourth District

I am committed to working on the issues that matter to residents of the Fourth District. I have spent my time in Congress working to address inequality and end discrimination, to bolster our education system, to make investments in our future, and protect the environment.

Meet David

From keeping our country safe, to strengthening public education and bringing jobs to North Carolina, Congressman David Price understands the issues that matter to central North Carolina families.

Welcome to my campaign!

I am running to move this country forward, to rebuild our economy, and to prepare us to compete for well-paying jobs now and in the future. I'd appreciate your vote on November 4th.

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I am determined to mount a vigorous campaign for reelection to Congress in North Carolina's Fourth District -- regardless of what shape the district takes. We cannot allow the hateful rhetoric of the Republican extremists to go unanswered. We must fight instead for a country that fulfills its promise, the promise of a better future for all Americans. We must fight to protect the vulnerable among us, to promote social justice, and to address North Carolinians’ very real concerns about income inequality and the erosion of the middle class.


We have made great progress over the past eight years, but the work of building an America that delivers on its promise of liberty and justice for all must continue. I believe that Hillary Clinton is the best candidate to continue this critical work and to guide our nation through the many challenges ahead.


I am filing for re-election because of you, the people of the Fourth District.  For the last three decades, you have trusted me to represent you on matters of local interest and on matters of great national importance, and I have endeavored to do so faithfully and effectively.  Should you give me the opportunity, I promise to continue working every day on your behalf.  For there is much work left to be done.