The Stand By Every Ad Act

As we reach the two-year anniversary of the disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision, become a citizen co-sponsor of David Price's "Stand By Every Ad" act to force corporations and Super PACs to take responsibility for their ads in the same way that candidates do.

Meet David

From keeping our country safe, to strengthening public education and bringing jobs to North Carolina, Congressman David Price understands the issues that matter to central North Carolina families.

Welcome to my campaign!

I am running to move this country forward, to rebuild our economy, and to prepare us to compete for well-paying jobs now and in the future. I'd appreciate your vote on November 4th.

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Thank you! I am honored to be re-elected to represent North Carolina’s Fourth District. I promise that I will work hard for you and will fight for you in the 114th Congress. In working the polls before and during Election Day, I was heartened by the turnout of thousands of North Carolinians who defied those who would restrict our right to vote and who stood up to the special interests and unaccountable money that have flooded our political system.


Raleigh, NC—Representative David Price today commended the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals for enjoining two controversial changes to North Carolina election law made by Republicans in 2013. The court’s decision will allow same-day registration during Early Vote to continue, and ballots mistakenly cast outside a voter’s precinct to be counted.


Rep. David Price (NC-04) filed for re-election on Monday, Feb. 10 and issued the following statement:

In 1964, I watched from the gallery as the Senate passed the Civil Rights Act. It was a great progressive achievement, and it galvanized my belief that acting together, people of conscience can make politics an instrument of their common purpose to right wrongs and deliver justice. I file for re-election because I know that belief is true, and because I know our work is not done.